How to Install BullGuard Internet Security using Genuine License ​Key

On PC and Apple Mac

Installing BullGuard on PCs with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista
Installing BullGuard on Mac OS X 10.11 or later

  • Close all applications that are open and save unsaved files and documents.

  • Open your Internet browser and go to

  • Click on the download button.

  • Follow the screen prompts to install BullGuard.

  • Register your account and enter your license key.

    When prompted enter the 16 digit license key.

  • After registration, you will need to restart your computer to complete the BullGuard installation.


BullGuard detects well-known security software that’s may be installed on your computer. We suggest that you remove it before you install BullGuard. You can do this through the Control Panel on your computer. if you don’t remove the existing software, you may find you have defficulty implementing bullGuard or your computer runs very slowly as a result of software conflicts.


On Android tablets and Phones

Installing BullGuard on Android 4.0 and higher

  • From your mobile device, open your Internet Browser and go to

  • You will automatically be directed to Google Play.

  • Install the application on your device.

  • Once the application has been installed, start the Mobile Security application and follow the instructions.

On the registration screen

  • If it is the first device you are installing BullGuard on, use the Sign up tab, Enter a valid email address, a password of your choice and tap on the hamburger menu from the upper-left corner and select Activation code. Enter your license key and tap on Activate.

  • If it is not the first device you are installing on and you already have an account, use the Log in tab.


To avoid abuse of your subscription rights, do not share your account details with other people, Abuse pf ypur account is detectable and will result in the cancellation of your BullGuard subscription.

Need Help?

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After Installation

Installing BullGuard on additional computers or devices

To install BullGuard internet Security on others PCs, Macs or Android devices, click the “Log in to BullGuard” button in the registration dialogue and log in from your existing account.
Your BullGuard subscription cover 1 User in the same household or company.

Re-Installing BullGuard

Should you need to re-install BullGuard on equipment that has previously had BullGuard installed, simply log in with your username and password when prompted.

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