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FastFox Text Expander Software

Instant Word Expansion, Keyboard Shortcuts & Macro Software

Increase Productivity with FastFox Text Expander Software

FastFox is aΒ text expanderΒ software used to insert your most commonly used text quickly and easily. Expand phrases, paragraphs, documents, images, and more.

  • Store frequently used text
  • Avoid typing things over and over
  • Improves typing speed and productivity

Powerful Text Expander

Increase productivity by using shortcuts for frequently used words and phrases.

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Create Custom Shortcuts

To add a new text shortcut in FastFox, enter both the shortcut keys and the text the shortcut will expand to.

See Text Expander screenshots

Use Your Shortcut

With FastFox running, simply type your shortcut and it will automatically expand to your saved text.

See Word Expander screenshots

Works in Any Program

Since FastFox runs in the background, shortcuts can be used in any program including word processors and email.

See Typing Expander screenshots

Typical Applications
  • Common responses to email/customer inquiries
  • Store long or difficult medical and legal phrases
  • Reduce transcription time by an average of 30%
  • Multiple rich text email signatures
  • Abbreviation expander
Text Expansion and Image Insertion
  • Expand keyboard shortcuts into words or phrases
  • Create an unlimited number of text shortcuts
  • No limit on expanded text length
  • Save plain text or formatted rich text expansions
  • Create a shortcut to insert images
Shortcut and Macro Creation
  • Define macros for actions using special keys
    (i.e., Ctrl, Alt and Shift)
  • Create shortcuts from multiple key commands
  • Use keyboard macros within any program
  • Utilize a shared shortcut file on a network to standardize stock text across your business
  • Back up and restore shortcut data and groups
Intuitive Autocomplete

FastFox learns your most commonly typed phrases and suggests them to you as you type, so you can select and insert text on the fly. Bring the power of autocomplete to all your typing.

How does FastFox work?

Text Expansion and Image Insertion

FastFox is easy to use. Enter a frequently used phrase, such as, “Thank you. Have a nice day!” Select a keyboard shortcut such as ‘ty’ and save your new text shortcut. Next time you want to use the phrase, just type ty[spacebar] and it will expand to ‘Thank you. Have a nice day!’ You will be amazed at your increased productivity and fast typing.

Creating a shortcut to insert your company logo sized to 110px x 150px is just as simple. Enter the shortcut keys, such as ‘cologo’ and import the image. Enter the dimensions and save your shortcut.

New rich text shortcut

Creating a Macro

Macros are for the more advanced user. Fortunately, those with a technical aptitude can easily share their macros with other FastFox users.

Use a combination of Ctrl, Alt and Shift with other key strokes to create the shortcut keys for your macro, enter your command for the set of actions and save it.

Now you are ready to use the macro, sit back and watch the program work for you.

Creating a macro

Intuitive Autocomplete

You may be wondering which phrases you use frequently throughout the day and where to begin creating shortcuts. FastFox pays attention to common phrases for you and will learn the phrases that you repeatedly type.

These frequently used phrases are then suggested to you as you type. With a double-click of the Ctrl key, FastFox will complete your thought and increase your productivity. Which leaves you free to move on to your next project.



Add New or Edit Shortcut

To add a new shortcut in FastFox, enter both the shortcut keys and the text the shortcut will expand to.

Easily create keyboard short cuts that expand into text phrases automatically

Use Shared Shortcuts

Share text shortcuts across a group or organization. Ideal for saving answers to frequently asked questions for a support team, for example.Share common text shortcuts across a group or organization

Fast Finish Auto Complete Typing Feature

Fast Finish learns the phrases you type the most and makes suggestions for completing those phrases as you type, so you can select and insert text on the fly, speeding up all your typing processes.Fast Finish Auto Complete Typing Software

FastFox Works In Any Program

FastFox will work in word processors such as Microsoft Word, internet browsers including FireFox and Internet Explorer, and email clients like Microsoft Outlook, and many other programs.


Windows: Xp/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (x32bit & x64bit)
Processor: Dual Core – 1.8 GHz or Higher
Ram: 512 MB or Higher
Agp: 64 MB or Higher
Hard Disk Space: 500 MB (Free Space Required for Installation)
Internet Connection: Required Internet Connection for Activate this Software & Update it.

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NCH FastFox Text Expander (Home Genuine License) – 1PC/Lifetime License

৳ 3,415.00৳ 6,830.00

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