Terms and Conditions

All products showcasing and selling at Game ON are 100% Working.

Rule – 01: (Offline Games Exchange Policy)

Customers are allowed to exchange any Offline Activation games to any different one, only if below terms are applicable.

  • Purchased game has not been activated for more than 7 days.
  • Exchanged game have the same price as the purchased one, If the value is higher then have to pay the additional amounts.
  • Exchange won’t be made / not applicable for bundle games.

Rule – 02: (Two Time Activation Policy)

Game ON’s each “DeadNuvo Category” Games give you 2(Two) time Activation

  • 01(one) User Serial for 01(one) User Only.
    So don’t share / show your “User Serial” paper to others.
  • Your 1st time activation over, when we Activate your game 1st time on your Computer.
  • You can claim your 2nd time free Activation if your windows Crashed/Windows Reinstall.
  • Don’t lose your “User Serial” paper, You must need it when you Activate your game.
    So be sure to store your “User Serial” paper in a safe place.
  • You must Extract / Unzip your game files in computer hard-disk.
    Install all software from “_Redist” folder & Update your Steam / Uplay / Origin before send us SMS.
  • Open this page & wait for your turn “Your Activation Status” After send SMS your game “User Serial”, “Teamviewer ID” & “Teamviewer Password” to us.

Rule – 03: (Our Refund Policy)

  • Refund is allowed only for Offline Activation Service & Game ON Software. There is no refund for product key or disks.
  • Purchasing unused product key and later claiming to be used and not working.
    Because all of our keys gets rechecked before selling.
  • Customers can request a refund within 7 days from the date of placing order / payment.
    If more than 7 days then full refund request won’t be accepted.
  • Refund will not be made if customer’s PC system is not able to run purchased games.
  • Refund will be not made for “Offline Activation” game if crack get released after purchase.
  • Refund can be requested either via your selected payment method or at your Game ON wallet.
    This amount can be used later for future purchase from Game ON only.
  • If customer’s select mobile payment method for a refund then the final amount that will be refunded might be deducted by (-2%) for bKash.

Rule – 04: (Our Support Limitation)

  • Game ON staff will only help you out with any issues with game Offline Activation / Product key / Game ON Games & Software problems / Pricing / Game ON self-made application.
  • Game ON follows a strict time rule and provide support within working hours (11:00 AM to 09:00 PM) and sometimes over the working hours as per special request or for any technical difficulties, Though we don’t promise to provide support outside of working hours.
  • Game ON Staff will provide an approximate time of your selected service and will try their best to provide the service within a given period of time.
  • Customers are not allowed to force or misbehave with staff members in regarding of late service, no message replies or for any delay’s because we provide not 05-10 user support but far more than 100 user’s per day.
  • Game ON staff does not provide support for issues related to your PC system, Windows problems, and third party software.
    It is your own duty to have your system running 100% fine.
  • Game ON does not provide support for “Offline Activation” games to customer if he / she founds to be getting the activation in a different PC other then his / her own.
    Each User Serial number are unique and meant to be serve for personal usage only. Not for sharing because 01(One) User Serial for 01(One) User Only.
  • Game ON does not provide a TOLL-FREE or FREE CALL number’s, so it will costs you local call charges when you make calls at our support number for assistance and that totally depends on you. We do not dial back missed calls.

Rule – 05: (Customer Service Termination)

Game ON have right’s to terminate any customer services if customer gets found doing the following illegal activities.

  • Trying to use key-logger and stealing account credentials during offline activation.
  • Using hack, cheats, trainer or injector in our offline activated games.
  • Reselling services to a different user by purchasing from Game ON.
  • Disobeying the terms section (Rule – 04) Our Support Limitation.
  • Harassing Game ON staff members or making false accusation.
  • Trying to decrypt Game ON’s Happybot app and stealing information.

All Purchases are FINAL.
If there are any failure from our side to deliver the product as ordered then we might fully refund you.

Read Rule – 03: (Our Refund Policy) for detail information.

Game ON have rights to change or remove any rules and conditions at any time.